Mark Daly Paints Paris

We are all familiar with Mark Daly’s spectacular landscapes and seascapes from New England. They make your mouth water with insightful compositions, exquisite brush strokes and colors that accent it all. But this time, we take a painting excursion with Mark and his wife Gigi to, the City of Love.

Mark and Gigi in Paris

Why Paris? Mark has the answer: “There is so much beauty and active everyday life in Paris. It is a natural haunt for the artist. For a huge period, it was the art center of the world and where Impressionism was born. There is so much great painting material in Paris. Gigi and I were familiar with Paris from previous trips so when we got there, I knew mostly where I wanted to locate my daily workstations.”

Eiffel Tower Clouds
Eiffel Tower Clouds, Mark Daly

“We rented a flat in the Latin Quarter along the Seine. It was a great vantage point from which to walk or I could take the subway to get anywhere I wanted to paint. I painted on location every day—rain or shine.”

“Going deep within a subject enables me to learn the nuances that make a difference in selecting my compositions and executing better paintings.”

For this trip, my key learning was that I need to do more night scenes. We discovered this towards the end of the trip. Paris comes alive at night. The challenge is pacing yourself to have reserve energy for late nights.”

Rainy Day Musee d_Orsay
Rainy Day Musee, d’Orsay, Mark Daly


Pont des Arts

French Waiter (La Palette)
Waiter at La Palette, Mark Daly