A Sampling of my Paintings

The Force of Nature, 16×20, acrylic (Available)
Anticipation, 16×20, acrylic (Personal Collection)
Last Blooms of the Season, 16×20, acrylic (Sold)
Fury in California, 16×20, acrylic (Sold)
Dale Wolf, Roebling (available)
Dale Wolf, Seeing Red (Sold)
Dale Wolf, Snowfall (Personal Collection)
Dale Wolf, Sketch Group Painters (Available)
Dale Wolf, Arnolds (Commission sold)
Dale Wolf, Face within a Face (Personal Collection)
Creekbed, 36×36, Acrylic (Personal Collection)
Dale Wolf, Carrots and Peas (Personal Collection)
Dale Wolf, Morning at Krohn, 36×36, acrylic (Personal Collection)
Dale Wolf, Primary Colors — The Moment of Creation, 67″ x 34″ (Commission Sold)
Dale Wolf, Flowers in Blue Vase (auctioned)
Dale Wolf, Windsong (Personal Collection)

Last Minute Changes, 16×20, acrylic

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