Workshop, or Not?

Why in the World Would You Attend the Kim English Workshop?

You are an experienced artist and been through all the teaching you need. Or you are a less experienced artist but are not comfortable being in a class with more experienced artists. Or you don’t want to spend the money on a workshop.

Hmmm. Take a moment with Eileen McConkey. She has overcome similar feelings about workshops and now she coordinates them for the Club.

Eileen at Show (3).jpg

Eileen McConkey,
Workshop Chair and
Signature Member of Cincinnati Art Club

“I was invited to a private painting day at a friend’s studio. Kim English was there so I got to paint right alongside him. Kim was very personable and fun to be with. When he came to Cincinnati the following Spring I attended his one-day workshop at the American Impressionist Society National meeting.”

“Kim English’s workshop was like no other workshop that I had ever taken. I loved his laid-back attitude. His approach is to move fast, and this helped me focus even more on his approach to art. He taught lessons that needed repetition to sink in. It was work. We repeated the exercises over and over and over. We had little time to think about completing a painting. Little time to grumble at the messes or savor the successes. Some of my results were dreadful and some were dynamite. I loved it and thought his approach would be a perfect way for Club members to elevate their work.””

I have the attitude that if we are alive we need to LIVE and LEARN!

Here is a small representation of Kim English’s work:

  • kim-english_081.jpgKim English 1957 -.jpgartist_at_work_(1)__large-1.jpgKim English 1957 - American Plein-Air painter - Tutt'Art@ (25).jpg

October Gallery

8 Recent Works in Dragonfly Showcase

Silver Tray by Nancy Neville
Silver Tray, Nancy Neville
JLeon_A Peaceble Kingdon
A Peaceable Kingdom, John Leon, Sculpture
JJones art 01
Martyrs, Jimi Jones
Tahoe, Michelle Andrews
Tahoe, Michelle Andrews MD
Northland Woods Morning, Bruce Petrie Jr ViewPoint Award.jpg
Northland Woods, Bruce Petrie
Blue Ribbon Baby, Lynn Hemmer, Signature Show 2018 (2)
Blue Ribbon Baby, Lynne Hammer
Buzzard's Roof, Nancy Achberger ViewPoint
Buzzard’s Roof, Nancy Achberger
Doug Welsh. By-gone days. 12 x 16. Oil.jpeg
By-Gone Days, Doug Welsh