Remembering Milton O’Dell

Milton O’Dell, Signature member of the Cincinnati Art Club, died this past July.

Milton found inspiration for his work in the urban and rural environment of the greater Cincinnati area. Travels in this country and abroad fed his fascination with portraiture and the human figure.

Milton graduated from the Central Academy of Commercial Art. He held a BS in Fine Arts and a MEd from the University of Cincinnati. He studied with Paul Chidlaw, Arthur Helwig, Reginald Grooms, and Robert Fabe. Milton began his career as an illustrator for the Gibson Greeting Card Co. where he developed his love of bold brushwork techniques emphasizing the form and structure of his subjects. Milton taught in the Cincinnati Public Schools. He was regularly active in the Art Club as Sketch Group Moderator and later encouraged Paul Fisher to take these duties over. His friendship with Paul was always evident.

Marlene Steel’s sketch of Milton O’Dell during Art Club Sketch Group

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