Romelli in Motion

Patrick Romelli creates oil paintings that reveal an emotional perception of the landscape through broad strokes and color.  His life experiences and intuition for light, hue, and composition create a visual language that captures the spirit and physical beauty of the countryside.  For Romelli, painting is emotional.  It’s not enough to simply copy the subject, but rather through color and boldly textured brushstrokes, he captures the essence of the subject.  

He says, “This inner ‘painting’ is emotional and passionate.  It’s about being able to share what you feel you see, the atmosphere.  It’s the air around the subject.  If I can get the observer to go on that emotional ride with me, I’ve succeeded.”

The power of suggestion is greater than the statement of reality

“First, I find a subject that interests me.  Then I sketch on canvas a comprehensive detail drawing of the subject.  Next, I use an underpainting with color notes to block it in.  Now this is when the painting gets interesting.  I start by painting the atmosphere around the subject with large strokes creating a sense of motion.  Now I’m in the zone.  I continue this until the emotional “inner painting” is no longer valid.  At this point I try to complete the painting in a blur that pulls the subject into and across the canvas.”

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