Recent Solo Exhibits at Wessel Gallery

Solo Exhibits in Wessel Gallery Foyer

Margaret Mock was our Featured Foyer Artist in November; Don Schuster in December. 

The Crown, Margaret Mock

Margaret captures the detail and emotion of human form in finely worked pencil drawings. After teaching art for thirty years to suburban Cincinnati’s youngest students, “I found myself in retirement inspired to draw and watercolor plein air views of my Mount Adams neighborhood.  It was a big step for me to pursue membership in the Cincinnati Art Club and to come face-to-face with portrait and figure models in the bi-weekly sketch group sessions.  These drawings are from my three-year exploration of the pencil as a medium and my first approach to portraiture.  I have been awarded third place in the 2018 Sketch Group Show and am a featured artist at Upper Eden, a boutique and gallery in Mount Adams. The Cincinnati Art Club has recently accepted me as a Signature Member.”

Gregory Creek, Donald Schuster

Don Schuster brought a chill to his solo exhibit. The pièce de résistance for winter is always snow, and the December Foyer Show has plenty of it. This display proves that snow is not just white but a reflection of everything around it. Don offers a series of winter plein air paintings that explore the beauty and texture of fallen snow covering winter scenes of reflected light. As expected, Gregory Creek is among these compositional wonderlands.

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