The Duveneck Centennial Celebration

The Art Club Pays Tribute to Frank Duveneck

Frank Duveneck, 187


The coming year will kick off with a series of big events to honor the 100th year since the passing of Duveneck—one of our founders and one of the first nationally acclaimed American painters.

The Art Club “Duveneck Paint-in” at Cincinnati Art Museum

We have a unique opportunity for each of us to set up our easels in the Museum’s Cincinnati Wing, select the Duveneck work of our choice and re-interpret this great artist as our homage to him. The public and local media have been invited to watch us paint. Space is limited, so a sketching permit to participate in the paint-in is required: Contact Christine Kuhr no later than December 20. If the January 3 date does not work out for you, call Amy Lindqvist at 639-2975. A few rules must be followed. Identify the painting you want to copy when registering. A drop cloth is required at painting station and post cannot be unattended. Artists cannot copy any piece to exact size of the original.

The Art Club “Duveneck Re-Interpreted” Exhibition

DuveneckLizzieStatueDuveneck Re-Interpreted, a major exhibition at the Wessel Gallery, will feature paintings from the paint-in session at the Museum plus paintings by Club artists who were not able to attend the paint-in experience as long as these are interpretations from paintings of that era. See participation dates in Events Sidebar on this page. Paintings may be of Duveneck or his students and contemporaries. Many of the Club artists will be present at the Opening to discuss the re-interpretations of their own Duveneck era paintings. The exhibit will be the focus for our January 19 Brunch Meeting when the Art Museum Docent will discuss our cultural history with paintings from Duveneck, Henry Twachtman, Edward Potthast, Robert Duncanson and the Rookwood potters. New

Insights into Duveneck’s Life

Those of us who follow Linda Crank on Facebook know she is an avid art historian. For years she has been posting daily stories about the great artists who have preceded and inspired us. In Duveneck’s honor, Linda is now writing a series of short stories for Dragonfly to give us new insights into this artistic genius who helped establish the Art Club in the 1890s.


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