Retrospective of Pastel Point Exhibit

Ray Hassard’s students showed their view of the world through pastel at the Women’s Art Club in which the versatility of pastel was shown off in spectacular fashion, from airy strokes to bold marks and soft hues to vibrant shades. Included here are a few of the pastels from the PastelPoint show.

A Coy Kiss. Hannah Beck, 10x16, Pastel.jpg

A Coy Kiss, Hannah Beck

LuAnna Klote, Dancing in the Spirit, 16X20, Pastel[4648].jpg

Dancing in the Spirit, Luanna Klote

Christine Kuhr Baloon Dog 13x13 Pastel.jpg

Balloon Dog, Christine Kuhr

Landscape, Marion Mayer, PastelPoint

Landscape, Marion Mayer

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