Witness to Disaster

Much of Don Schuster’s time is now spent leading the Cincinnati Art Club into a very busy period of activity. But he still finds time for his career as a successful full-time artist. Don’s artistic interests are as broad as his responsibilities as president of the Club.

These of course include drawing and painting but also extend into theater design (sets and lighting), photography, antique restoration and even stained glass.  Recent work includes “Witness to Disaster” where a fallen tree that dwarfs the deer looking on

Schuster_Witness to Disaster
Full Vies of  “Witness to Disaster” by Donald Schuster

Witness to Disaster”(24″ x 48”) is on display at the “Richeson 75—Landscape, Seascape & Architecture” Show at the Richeson School of Art Gallery now through August 11. This stunning painting was previously featured at the Oil Painters of America 2017 National Exhibition held at the Eisele Gallery of Fine Art, Cincinnati.

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