Jeff Morrow “Best of America”

The National Oil & Acrylic Painters’ Society (NOAPS) 28th celebration of its “Best of America” national meeting and exhibition opens in Cincinnati on September 14. This means we have two of the most important art exhibitions in the nation running right here in Cincinnati this Fall, through October 13—plenty of time to see both presentations of the best paintings created in the past year.

Four Cincinnati Artists Juried into “Best of America”

To make it even more exciting, four Cincinnati artists have also been juried into the “Best of America” exhibit: Jeff Morrow, Ray Hassard, Pam Newell and Richard Luschek.

Cincinnati Art Club members who are also in NOAPS include Cecilia Brendel, Cheryl Fall, David Forsthoefel, Ray Hassard, Patricia Kaman, Richard Luschek, Eileen McConkey, Jeff Morrow, Amy Roy, Trish Weeks and Dale Wolf.

Club member Jeff Morrow’s “The Young Pianist” was named Best Figurative Painting in the Best of America.

the young pianist.jpg
The Young Pianist, Jeff Morrow


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